Classification of Industrial Gases


Industrial gases can be divided into four categories according to their chemical properties:

(1) highly toxic gas, with extremely strong toxicity, can cause poisoning or even death if it invades the human body. Such as chlorine, ammonia, etc.

(2) flammable gas, with combustibility, chemical explosion risk and certain toxicity. Such as hydrogen, acetylene, etc.

(3) combustion supporting gas, which has combustion supporting capacity but does not burn itself, has the risk of expanding fire, such as oxygen, etc.

(4) non combustible gas, which is asphyxiating to people, has stable properties and is non combustible, such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide and argon.

In the national standard gb13690-1992, the above four kinds of gases are divided into three categories, namely, category 2.1 is flammable gas, category 2.2 is non combustible gas (including combustion supporting gas), and category 2.3 is toxic gas