Dongying City holds a special conference on the construction and development of Chemical Industry Pa


In the afternoon of January 8, the special scheduling meeting for the construction and development of Dongying chemical industry park was held to further clarify the development direction of the park, clarify the development ideas, study and solve the difficulties, promote the high-end chemical industry to be an excellent chain, improve the quality and efficiency, and create an important growth pole of "Second Entrepreneurship" in the whole district.

Wang Feng, deputy secretary of Dongying District Committee and district chief, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Kang Maoli, deputy secretary of Party group of Dongying District government and director of Victory Management Committee of University Science Park, and Liu ChenYong, deputy district chief, attended the meeting.

Wang Feng pointed out that the chemical industry is the economic lifeline of our district. The total industrial output value of the chemical industry park accounts for more than 60% of the total industrial output of the whole district, which is the "stabilizer" and "ballast stone" of the economic development of the whole district. All departments and units at all levels should conscientiously enhance their sense of mission, responsibility and urgency, focus on development, industry, park and project, focus on industry and project, ensure the successful completion of all project tasks, and make positive contributions to promoting the "Second Entrepreneurship and leading position" of the whole district.

Wang Feng asked that the top-level design should be strengthened and efforts should be made to optimize the functional layout of the park. Set up a special team to promote, optimize the management mode, speed up the planning, strengthen the policy support, promote the healthy development, innovative development and leading development of the park; make up the basic weaknesses, and make efforts to improve the bearing capacity of the park. According to the three-year development plan of the park, the project is fast, the problems are fast changed, and the project is fast done, so as to strive for the effective improvement of the bearing capacity of the park in the short term; we should focus on the industrial transformation, and make efforts to build a high-end industrial system. According to the industrial development plan, we should speed up the preparation of the industrial map and comprehensively improve the innovation capacity of the park.