Shengtuo Honorably Listed in Top Brands


Dongying Shengtuo Chemical Co., Ltd. was listed in the top ten brands of silica sol in China in 2019.

"2019 China silicasol top 10 brand selection" is the most extensive and largest comprehensive brand strength ranking and selection activity hosted by brand ranking network. In this selection, tens of thousands of netizens were invited to vote and comment, and ten most popular brands with outstanding industry quality were selected through multiple rounds of review. Brand ranking network is committed to promoting the branding of China's consumption mode and building a good consumption environment. Since its establishment, the event has received a warm response, not only attracting nearly half of the domestic brands and distributors, but also being highly concerned by more than 70 well-known online media such as Sina, Netease, Xinhua, China, Sohu, etc., sharing the brand feast. The reports of major media provide an opportunity for domestic excellent brands to gather popularity and improve brand awareness and influence.