First International Petrochemical Exhibition to be held in Dongying


The first China (Dongying) international petrochemical trade exhibition will be held in Dongying, Shandong Province, from May 29 to 31, 2020. Meanwhile, a series of activities will be held, such as the global petroleum trade summit, the National Chemical Industry Summit Forum, the National Chemical Science Popularization exhibition and photography exhibition.

Du Zhenbo, deputy secretary-general of Dongying Municipal Party committee and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Dongying Port Economic Development Zone, introduced that Dongying City was built on oil and prospered on oil. With the development and construction of Shengli Oilfield, Dongying City has grown from a desolate salt alkali beach. After years of accumulation, Dongying City has become one of the most concentrated areas of petrochemical industry in China. The agglomeration of petrochemical industry has promoted the development of urban construction, warehousing and logistics, finance and other service industries, and has become the real pillar industry of Dongying's economic and social development. In order to implement the idea of "one industry, one exhibition" put forward by Dongying Municipal Government in early 2017 to promote and cultivate the four leading industries of the city, Dongying Municipal Party committee and municipal government decided to hold the first China (Dongying) International Petrochemical Trade Exhibition in 2018 and build a high-end communication and cooperation platform between Dongying and the petrochemical industry of the whole country and the world.

It is understood that about 200 central enterprises and well-known enterprises at home and abroad are planned to participate in the exhibition. At present, about 1500 domestic and foreign high-level VIPs and professional buyers have been confirmed to participate in the exhibition. The professional visitors to the exhibition are expected to exceed 20000. Among them, the 2018 global oil trade summit has planned conferences and activities such as crude oil market analysis, oil and gas system reform, terminal operation situation forum of refining and chemical enterprises, invited more than 20 world top 500 enterprises to participate in the exhibition, and invited about 1000 traders at home and abroad to participate. Sponsored by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, the National Chemical Industry Summit will include a high-end summit to interpret policies, a seminar to discuss industry trends, and a professional forum to release scientific and technological achievements. "Chemical education future" themed science popularization exhibition and "Dongying Port" Cup National Petrochemical photography competition excellent works exhibition are jointly organized by Sinopec Federation and China chemical industry daily, which will show the audience the wonderful pictures closely related to chemical industry and people's life.